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July 2013

Blow Ma Mind (Doctor E)

Blow Ma Mind Cover (972 x 908)  Doctor  E, a producer, song writer, composer and artist hits the airwaves with his new singles titled Blow ma mind. Many other works has been making serious waves in radio stations and dj mixes. its a freestyle done from a Jessy Jag’s latest. Enjoy and share your view. thanks.



African Ladies (Mr Code)

Oyexious Designs _Graphix & Web Designer_Programmer_Publicist_An Outstanding artist comes to the lam-light, breaking all grounds in the music industry with his unique voice techniques. Mr Code who is a student of Kogi State University has been working underground with some notable Nigerian artists with great plans of taking over the industry. while we keep our fingers crossed and wait for this big time launch, enjoy his latest singles dedicated to the African Ladies.


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